Badlands (Terrence Malick, 1973)

I hated looking at it.

It’s crazy that it’s been just over a year that we had our final day of shooting. Michael Slovis, our brilliant d.p., wrote us all a note — a famous Dr. Seuss line that said: ‘Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.’ And I couldn’t agree more with that.” - (x)

Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: so far so good, so far so good, so far so good. How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land! - La Haine (1995, dir. Mathieu Kassovitz)

Can you prove me without words that you know exactly what is a french kiss? x


Ilustraciones de Dave McKean. Podéis leer una reseña del trabajo de este autor con Grant Morrison en Arkham Asylum aquí mismo


Ryan Gosling in

Only God Forgives (2013) Nicolas Winding Refn


Corridors in Only God Forgives